Lover Able

Posts relevant to the translation project for the game “Lover Able”

Font upgrade for Lover Able

Hey everyone o/ we’ve been quiet for a while, time to get the latest numbers out 😉 Today, Nanako’s route crossed the 50% mark, leaving us with 7123 lines to […]

Hey again o/ I know I just published an update post yesterday, but today (2017-05-27) is a special occasion I would like to tell you about. Exactly 9 months ago […]

Progress Update (2017-05-26)

Hey everyone! We’ve been a bit quiet for the last couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean progress has slowed down. Translation and TLC are progressing faster than they ever […]

Progress Update (2017-05-09)

Hey everyone o/ It’s time for another update on our translation progress. First of all, we fixed the few missing lines which were causing “99%” bars in the last update. […]

Website Announcement

Hey everyone out there! The last couple of weeks have been an exciting time for our team and now we’re finally able to announce what we’ve been working on recently […]

Hey, everyone! It’s been about a month since you last heard from us and we’ve made quite some progress since then. Satsuki’s route is now fully translated and TLC is […]