Lover Able

Due to their parents’ work, both Haruki and his imouto, Kaho, move to the city where their uncle resides. Thanks to a promise made between the adults, they both have to help out at their uncle’s beachside cafe, Fruitia. During the summer Haruki meets fellow transfer student, Chinatsu, the quiet and mysterious classmate, Satsuki, lively kouhai, Tsugumi, and co-worker, Nanako. Of course, Kaho is always by his side. This is the beginning of a summertime romance.

It sounds like a pretty standard love comedy plot, but what makes Lover Able different are the customization features. Prefer short hair to long hair? Want her to wear a dress instead of t-shirts and shorts? The system allows you to tailor the heroines to hit all your moe sweet spots, making all those ichaicha moments even better.

Modified version of the vndb description

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