Font upgrade for Lover Able

Hey everyone o/

we’ve been quiet for a while, time to get the latest numbers out 😉
Today, Nanako’s route crossed the 50% mark, leaving us with 7123 lines to be translated. TLC on Tsugumi’s route is near completion, editing on the other hand is slow as usual.

As a programmer I’m not really involved in the translation process, so naturally I expected a lot of off-time once the initial “hacking” was finished.
That however has turned out to be a huge miscalculation, there is still a lot of work to be done.
I don’t even want to know how many hours I’ve spent staring at hex editors and disassemblers, examining every instruction of the yuka engine…
Without exaggerating, at this point I probably know more about the internals of yuka than the people at SMEE, who worked with it to create the game ^^

The latest project has been to add support for non shift-jis compliant fonts to the engine, because the two fonts shipped with the game (MS Gothic and MS Mincho) don’t exactly look great with English text.
After several hours it turned out I only had to patch 2 bytes of the executable from 0x80 (SHIFTJIS_CHARSET) to 0x01 (DEFAULT_CHARSET):

So here we have it, Vera Sans in Lover Able ^^
Some of you might recognize the font from other titles (e.g. DaCapo II)

And since there was no option to enable it, I simply added another button to the options menu (just a few additional lines of code and some graphics):

Take care, Atom